Beyond delivering

A social logistics company that creates impact on businesses and people

Built on passion

We witnessed the passion of the drivers who show up everyday, rain or shine, to fulfill their deliveries. They have so much potential and dreams, but they are not given the right opportunities. These drivers from the Southeast Asian region live from paycheck to paycheck, mostly unbanked. As much as they want to have a better life, being unbanked and having low income stop them from realizing their dreams.

Seeing them everyday made us ask ourselves, “How can we make their lives better?”

This question pushed us to create Delivery Nerd, a social logistics company that aims to uplift the lives of these drivers by providing them the opportunity to own their delivery businesses.

Fleet Solution

Our fleet solution allows you to focus on your customers while we provide and manage the fleet you need for your business!

Our Clients

Third Party Logistics

On-Demand Platform


Our Services

All-In Pricing

With the daily price you pay, you don’t have to worry about insurance, vehicle maintenance, and driver salary!

Trained Drivers

We carefully screen our partner drivers. We only offer this opportunity to those who will be able to service you well.

Customer Support

We have dedicated customer representatives who can assist you in your delivery needs!


Low Daily Rental

Earn more and save more because you can drive our vehicle at a very low daily rental fee!

Own the Vehicle

Drive the vehicle in a few years and own it!

Guaranteed Customers

No need to find customers. We bring the customers to you.